Dipping My Toe Into the Bitcoin Economy

Given my recent interest in the new crypto-currency, I figured I’d try to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and initiate a casual venture with a friend selling actual, honest-to-god goods in exchange for Bitcoins. After a bit of brainstorming, we decided to produce some Bitcoin-themed t-shirts and *exclusively* accept btc for them through a website. Well, the shirts have arrived, the website is up, and I just sealed our very first package destined for a fellow in New Zealand. The next few weeks should be interesting as we get a sense of the benefits and pitfalls of running a (very) small business in the Bitcoin economy. If any experiences or insights of particular interest should crop up, I’ll make sure to post them on ASR, so stay tuned…

P.S. If you want a t-shirt, head over to http://www.iusecoins.com!



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3 responses to “Dipping My Toe Into the Bitcoin Economy

  1. Just watched your video about bitcoin and I love all the information you have been putting out. I’m really curious to hear how the shirts have been selling. I will order one as soon as I have some coins of my own!

  2. carbonpenguin

    Thanks much for the feedback! We’ve sold thirty-one so far, and orders seem to come in waves that I’m beginning to suspect might be connected to the relative volatility of the value of the currency. I’m any case, I’d love to send you one, so you should jump into the btc economy yourself 😉

  3. thinkweis

    I made a site to help newcomers get started. Check out How to mine bitcoins

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