About ASR

Our mission is to foster debate and discussion of economic, monetary, political, and social phenomena that serve to aid, obfuscate, or enact socialism for the rich in America.  At the center of the blog is American Socialism for the Rich, a LIVE weekly television broadcast at 7pm on channel 15 in Burlington, VT in which Matthew Cropp discusses events, whether local to Vermont, national, or international, that seriously impact our lives, and interviews people with the expertise and vision to help elucidate the true nature of and reasons for those events.  The blog is contributed to by the full ASR team, and is, between the posting of the weekly shows, a place for the discussion of current events by both the team and the community at large.  Jump in and have fun!

The ASR Team:

  • Matthew Cropp [co-host] – Matt was a co-founder of ASR when the show was started in the Summer of 2008, and has co-hosted it ever since.  He received his Master’s Degree in History from the University of Vermont, and his intellectual interests include economic and labor history, mutual banking and credit unionism, localism, and attempting to integrate seemingly disparate economic theories.  If he were forced to pick the four most essential books that he’s read, they’d be: Organization Theory: A Libertarian Perspective by Kevin Carson, Sex, Ecology, Spirituality by Ken Wilber, The Culture of Make-Believe by Derek Jensen, and Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman.
  • Marek Hirsch [co-host emeritus and contributor] – Marek is a co-founder of ASR and co-hosted the show from the first episode in July, 2008 until July, 2009.  Originally from Mass., he completed his Bachelor studies in Religion and Psychology at Denison University in Ohio, then moved to Burlington, Vermont in August, 2006.  In Vermont he completed UVM’s Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Program, while first working for the mental health agency HowardCenter, then taking a position as a lab technician for the UVM department of neuroscience.  His interest in politics began in January, 2008 with Ron Paul’s run for the Republican Presidential nomination, which served as inspiration to create ASR later that year.  Marek is currently on a sabbatical from the Green Mountain State to earn a degree at UMiami’s Leonard Miller School of Medicine.
  • Ben Mayer [executive producer] – Ben graduated from Rensselaer with a degree in Electronic Media and subsequently moved to Burlington, VT. He was proud to be the Vermont volunteer ballot access coordinator for the Ron Paul 2008 campaign, and he’s currently the Vermont Campaign for Liberty Meetup organizer. Ben works as a concept artist for a local engineering firm, and joined the ASR team in late 2008.

3 responses to “About ASR

  1. Could you please email me the mailing address for Dennis Steele campaign for Governor VT in order to mail him a check in support. We need more people like him to fight this horror we are all faced with.

    • carbonpenguin

      Sorry, your email address is bouncing back, so I’ll post the response here:

      Dear Dr. DCosta,

      Thanks much for your support of Dennis’ campaign; we seem to be starting to gain some real momentum! If the interest and funding keeps up, we should be able to start to have a real visible presence in the coming months. Dennis’ mailing address is:

      Dennis Steele
      P.O. Box 28
      East Saint Johnsbury, VT 05838

      Keep an eye on http://www.governorsteele.com for updates.

      Thanks Again!

  2. Denise Watso

    Please be advised that Luke Willard is not a “chief” and does not represent the historically known Abenaki people. He has presented his genealogical evidence actually trying to link his name to ours, Watso. Well, we are still living & breathing here today.
    Go to Ne-Do-Ba website and look at Whats New, This info was directly posted because of his claimed genealogy presented to the non for profit website and other people he has made claim to this Nancy Snow, his link to “Nancy Snow” is absolutely wrong and he is fooling alot of people in VT.
    In Indian country this is all too typical, but to unsuspecting Europeans, it happens all the time, while Indians actually wonder why no one ever bothered to ask us…

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