Airtimes in Vermont

ASR is a weekly television show, broadcast live on Sundays at 7pm from Burlington on channel 15.  Re-runs in this coverage area are Tuesday at 4:30pm; Wednesday at 7am and Saturday at 5:30pm

In Colchester our airtimes on Channel 15 are Tuesday at 11am, 7pm and 11pm; Wednesday at 2am; Thursday at 12pm and 5pm; Friday at 4am.

In Ludlow/Plymouth/Cavendish/Mt Holly on channel 8 the airtimes are Monday at 3am and 10:30am; Wednesday at 10am; Thursday at 4am, 2pm and 9pm; Friday at 10:30pm; Saturday and Sunday at 11am.

In Rutland on channel 21 the show airs on Monday at 3:30pm; Tuesday at 11am and Sunday at 6:30pm.

On Sunday nights at 7pm, the live episode can also be Watched Online

To see past episodes, simply scroll down the blog and click on “older entries”


4 responses to “Airtimes in Vermont

  1. steven hodska

    wow…so proud of you guys…blog and show looks great!

  2. Hi-
    Your show runs on our station (LPCTV in Ludlow, VT). It was originally sponsored by a local resident, but we do not have his contact info. Could you please send that to me for our records? Thanks.

  3. Steven J. Howard


    I sponsored the program. If you want to contact me, call 779-4447 or email

  4. Hi Matt,
    Charles from the Cheesetraders here, just wanted to let you know I have been really enjoying the broadcast lately, the topics are so relevant particularly the whole Wikileaks deal, personally I have mixed feeling on it
    but the reaction of some of the right wingers is nothing less than criminal…..
    even sickening.
    Keep up the good work.

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