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A gem from the CFL Listserve

Contact Welch, and tell him to support HR 1207!!!

Tidal Wave of Bullshit Threatens Capitol!
Source traced to Democratic Congressman’s Office

UPI: Washington- a tidal wave of political bullshit threatens to inundate large portions of the nation’s capitol, according to public health and safety authorities.

Its origin appears to be the Congressional office of Vermont Democratic Congressman Peter Welch, 1404 Longworth House Office Building.

The flood of bovine fecal matter erupted when one of Rep. Welch’s constituents called to ask the Congressman to cosponsor a bill, HR 1207, to require a first-ever audit of the Federal Reserve Board.

“The Fed is creating trillions of dollars out of thin air to bail out all sorts of failing financial institutions,” said the constituent who declined to give her name to avoid retribution. “I should think our Congressman would welcome the opportunity to shine the light of transparency into this dark corner.”

“But no,” she continued. “His staff started spewing out evasive bullshit about the bill, and now the situation is apparently totally out of control. I’m glad I live 600 miles north of this disaster zone.”

DC health authorities reported that the Congressman’s office has been cordoned off and the flow seems to be weakening. “There’s only so much bullshit that a Congressman and his staff can generate, and apparently this one is at the end of his supply,” said one sanitary technician who spoke anonymously because he was not allowed to use “Congressman” and “bullshit” in the same sentence without losing his position.


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